Education Details of Milan Tiwari

This page describes my life as an student. Which is important for someone like me since its all there is. Like any other student’s life mine was also wumpy bumpy. I started at the age of 2.5 ( well that was unfair with me) and still it seems like the road has just begun. In short the entire circle is – “from P.G. (play group) to P.G. (post graduation)”. I would probably give it another title “YMCA Calcutta to IIT Delhi”.

YMCA Calcutta to IIT Delhi

Primary Education

My parents were very concerned about my education. So they admitted me in the best school possible YMCA Calcutta (Young Men’s Christian Association) and as usual I became class monitor (I don’t remember that part, maybe they tricked me so that perform well in future). Then I came back to my home town Bharthana in U.P. I continued my study till 8th grade in a school that was roughly 50 meter away from my home “M.S.K. High School”. To my parent’s joy I continued my reign and collected a bunch of trophies.

High School

Then it was time for me to relax, take a break from rigorous study. So I joined a government college “S.A.V. Inter College”. I studied in S.A.V. for 4 years. During my first year (class 9) I bunked 90% of the classes and enjoyed my extra life. That was the period when I devoted myself to gaming mainly Chess and Tekken 3. Even after all those class bunks and carelessness I found it very easy to score first division (not to confuse with position) thanks to my previous hard work. Then there was High School waiting for me with open arms. After passing it easily again with first division I decided to take rest once again.


For my Intermediate I chose the obvious stream – mathematics. The first year I didn’t study at all. The reason was my newly bought computer. My father was more excited than me that his son is learning computer. I used to operate my computer at night since the internet speed was at its maximum which was 5KBps (yeah it sucks). Slowly my interest towards study started to decline and I was more into cyber world. I used to sleep all day and started bunking more and more classes. But I always had a tendency to pick up the pace and survive. So finally I passed Intermediate as well, again with the first division.


I completed my graduation from Banaras Hindu University (BHU). BHU was probably the best thing that happened to me after YMCA. It literally changed my life and made me the person I am today.  Till the time I reached there I had lost all my confidence. I was homesick and like a fish out of the pond. But luckily God gave me a brother like partner Mr. Pradeep Gangwar who helped me get out of that darkness. Time passed by and I reached 5th semester I chose maths (hons.) coz the classes were 12 pm to 3 pm which suited my timetable. Then I found love of my life MATLAB. I will discuss about “MATLAB and ME” in detail some other time.

Now my graduation was about to end and after a significant amount of time I was facing the same question that almost all students face at least once in their life What Next? Luckily I got my answer very soon. I had applied for IIT JAM but since I was not in top 25 (GPA wise) of my class (of 100 students only) I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to qualify JAM. Another constraint was – I had only two options IIT Delhi or IIT Kanpur since my father was very clear that he is not sending me in any other state expect UP and Delhi. My luck was on the fullest and I easily got my first choice and reached IIT Delhi.

Education Details of Milan Tiwari
Milan Tiwari with friends outside Lipton Tea Store IIT Delhi

Post Graduation

Finally I became an IITian (lol). It was like a dream for me to get a chance to share the class with the very bests in India. Some people criticize me saying I couldn’t get admission in a PhD program in any reputed institute in India. But if I wanted that I’d have chosen IISc Bangalore at the first place instead of IIT Delhi with my JAM rank (which was also recommended by most teachers). But my reason was something else I was there to learn Algorithms and my First rank certificate in an online algorithms test by Microsoft India proves that I justified my decision.

Although I failed to secure a campus selection. But that wasn’t actually a failure it was more like a choice of All or Nothing. One other fact to prove the above statement is that I hadn’t applied in any of those companies where my classmates were selected. May be I overestimated myself but I like to see it as I didn’t compromise. So whats the conclusion here? Did I wasted my two precious years just because of my stubbornness and I’m an Idiot or I stood by my standards and made the right choice. I leave it to you coz for me some deals are still non-negotiable.