Milan Tiwari

Hello friends, My name is Milan Tiwari.  I’m from Bharthana (Uttar Pradesh). I completed my graduation from Banaras Hindu University in basic science. Then joined IIT Delhi (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi) for a degree in mathematics. I like solving puzzles specially the ones that require advance algorithms. My purpose of making this site is to interact with my friends and tell them what I’m currently up to without disturbing them.

I divided the information into sections and subsections to make it easier to navigate to appropriate section. If you are interested in reading education related information you can click on academics. Or if you want to know about my stupid personal activities click on dear me. If you have any MATLAB related query and think that I might be helpful click on MATLAB Help. If you want to contact me and forgot my mobile number you can simply leave your details here and I’ll get back to you.

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Milan Tiwari outside Bharti Building IITD 2015
Milan Tiwari outside Bharti Building IITD 2015